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I am now offering a bunch of different packages to help you drive traffic to your site! Whether you have a shop, product, blog, or social media site you would like promoted, I look forward to working with you! xo


Blog Views: 85,000+

Twitter: 24,000+

Facebook: 700+

Instagram: 1400+

Google Plus Views: 375,000+


Stats Updated 5/8/2017

Option 1: Publish Your Post On My Blog: $15

Option 2: Guest Post(no sample): $30

Option 3: Guest Post (with sample & coupon code for readers): $18


Option 4: Sidebar Ad(1 month): $8
Option 5: Sponsored Twitter Post: $5
Option 6: Sponsored Instagram Post: $5
Option 7: Sponsored Facebook Post: $5
Option 8: Social Media Package Post (Twitter, IG & Facebook) : $10
Guest Posts will be there for the life of my blog.
Social Media Posts will be one time per payment.
With any questions or interests, please e-mail me at jennaleeannllc@yahoo.com for details on the next steps!


Note: All advertisement/sponsoring is subject to my discretion. If it is not a product or service I agree with or is not to my liking/style, I have the right to give you your money back and decline.





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