Hi everyone!
My name is Jenna LeeAnn D’Amico.
I’m the owner/fashion blogger at http://www.jennaleeann.com .
I’m a small town girl squeezing my way into the fashion industry. I’m 23 years young with enough motivation for everyone. I graduated college with my bachelor’s degree in business management. I had the experience and pleasure of launching my online clothing store in 2012 which was amazing! Once I sold that, I really started blogging. Safe to say, it’s my passion, and my dream.
I’m obsessed with my puppy, Oscar. He’s a mini purebred long-haired dachshund. Yes, the full title is necessary!
                          I am a HUGE family girl (I’m Italian, which explains that)..
                         I love talking about fashion or giving fashion advice. Especially on Twitter!
   And my favorite thing ever is attending fashion events!
I hope you enjoy my blog, and follow me along on my adventures in the fashion industry!
Check out my social media for daily updates!


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