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So as some of you may know, I did a pretty big switch in my career at the end of this year. I went from being in retail management to doing administrative work for a hospital. As you can guess, my dress code as changed. I went from wearing oversized sweaters with some denim, to now having to dress business professional. This was a big switch for me. I didn’t think it would be so hard finding outfits, because I styled so many professionals at Nordstrom.

There is a fine line between business professional and business casual. I decided to make a post dedicated to each dress code to hopefully give you inspiration or even answer some questions if you’re new to this lifestyle! Links to everything will be at the bottom!

I first have to compliment these pants. These are the most comfortable work pants in the world. They are so soft, with great stretch, but they don’t stretch out throughout the day! It’s amazing. Definitely looking to buy these in every color. I do have another favorite pair that I will be sharing in my business casual post.


Investing in a nice watch can make SUCH a difference in your wardrobe. Not only is it helpful when looking for the time, but it makes you look more polished. My favorite go to watch brand is Movado. The Movado outlet stores have great deals all of the time, so keep your eyes out for those!


These flats are from the J.Crew outlet, and come in multiple colors. To be completely honest though, they are some tough flats to break in. I was bleeding on day one hour one. Who else hates breaking in new shoes? I’ve now worn them 6 times and still have to wear a band-aid, but I can tell it’s getting easier. They are such perfect flats other than that, and I get so many compliments!


When dressing for business professional, try to always add a third piece. This can be either a blazer, cardigan, or statement necklace with your blouse. I personally love the H&M cardigans for work. My favorite cardigan is the Nordstrom B.P. cardigan however I do believe it looks too casual for business professional attire. This black one from H&M is a great staple for your closet because you can wear it on days off too while being comfortable!


Coming from retail, I need to find a way to make a statement. Fashion is still my passion, so adding a pop of color in my bag is a great way for me to still feel on trend while being professional! This bag is from a small boutique in Nashville so unfortunately I can’t link it, but it’s very similar to Rebecca Minkoff bags!


A black heel is another important staple to have. Of course you don’t have to wear heels, but they do help put together a nice outfit!


Grey and black always make great professional colors. These wool pants were $10 at H&M! That is such a great deal, and they are so warm; perfect for this New England weather.

Outfit Details:

Tan Pants- ON SALE

Black Flats- ON SALE

Ivory Sweater- SIMILAR ON SALE

Black Cardigan- H&M

Black Tote- Kate Spade… A few years old, but they probably have a ton of similar styles!

Grey Wool Pants- ON SALE

Black Blazer- SIMILAR

Watch- Can’t find the exact one I’m wearing anymore but this is the other one I wear on the blog a lot!

If you decide to shop any of these links, almost all of them use Ebates. If you don’t have an Ebates account, I HIGHLY recommend signing up. I talk about it all of the time to everyone I know. It’s not a scam, I’ve used it for years. You get money back by shopping at sites you already are planning to shop at. You’ll get a check mailed to you with cash back or you can just do direct deposit. Use my code and you’ll get $10!

These are just a couple of outfit ideas. If you want to see more business professional outfit ideas, let me know in the comments! Do you dress business professional or business casual?




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