2017 Recap

Here it is… my 5th annual recap! Check it out, and check out the end where I talk about what I’ve learned and what I’m looking forward to! Also, check back on January 1st to see my New Year Resolutions and my whole new way of making and keeping your resolutions!


I started the year off right with my lovely boyfriend, Chris, and lovely lace dress!


First, I got my wisdom teeth out and Chris bought me flowers and took care of me (thanks Chris!). Then, Oscar and I played in the snow. I had a beautiful Valentine’s Day with my love and then ended the month with the best day ever…the birth of my nephew JAKE!


I got snowed in for multiple days in a row with my watch dogs, and then watched Jake grow faster than anything!


Checked an item off of my bucket list… London!! Such a beautiful place. Can’t wait to go back!


Getting closer with Chris, celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom and Sister, meeting one of the Nordstrom brother’s at my meeting, and lounging in the pool in Florida… May was a good one.


Hosting a Patriots/Mezzin + Main event at work with my girls, attending Jake’s baptism and becoming his godmother (YAY), and kayaking down the river with a beer in hand. Lots of smiles this month!


July was a busy work month at Nordstrom so I didn’t have much of a life…However, I did enjoy July 4th at the beach and spent two days at Block Island with my family! Look how cute Jake is on the beach!!


My assistant and I said goodbye to our intern, who was awesome! Then me and Chris flew away to Nashville to see my old stomping grounds! Such a fun trip, we had a blast.


This had to have been my favorite month. So many good changes happened. I’m grateful for the fact that I found a voice to stand up for myself to anyone who took advantage of me. I left my job at Nordstrom, and had a going away dinner with some of the best people I’ve ever worked with (missing some). I moved in with my boyfriend into his house and we started our love of late night walks with Oscar. Finally, I watched Jake turn 6 months! Gosh, he just gets cuter and cuter.


October I really started to focus more on my blog and educate myself a lot more. But in between that, I went to a comedy show double date with my best friend, and enjoyed some BBQ with Chris’ family!


This was a fun month! Lots of socializing! Celebrated by 25th birthday with my day ones and boyfriend, watch Jake dress in cute Fall clothes (I know I’m obsessed with him…not sorry), did lots of socializing with lots of people, harassed Jake with the camera on Thanksgiving, and ended the night with a trip to the casino to watch Chris’ Dad’s band play! SO FUN!


Here we are…the end of 2017. I went to cut down a real Christmas tree for the first time ever, I got to decorate mine and Chris’ home for Christmas, Chris took me on a trip to NYC for the weekend to see the city during the holidays, and I got Oscar the cutest Santa costume and did a photo shoot during our first snowstorm.

Ahhh.. I always love doing these. I look back at the ups and the downs. I don’t post the downs because I’ve learned to let them go. I live by the 5×5 rule…if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it. So I’m not going to reflect or think about the downs, and that leaves so much more space for the good things that happened to shine through!

I have to say 2017 was the most eye-opening, and selfish year yet. I learned to do what makes me happy. I learned to stop doing so much for other’s who won’t do the same for you. I learned to let go of negativity, and grasp onto the positive. Finally, I’ve learned to just be happy with the present, and don’t focus on the past or future.

I have been doing these recaps since 2013 (crazy, right!?), and it’s so funny to see how far I’ve come. I’m so proud of who I’m becoming, and these recaps help me see that even more!

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I hope you all had an AMAZING 2017, and if not, look forward to making some changes in 2018. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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