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Are you a passionate fashionista? Or a budding, enthusiastic newbie? Either way, you probably already know the secret to elevate any outfit. When your accessories are on point, even a boring old look that you’ve worn a million times before can be transformed into something completely fresh. Of course, accessories trends change, and staying bang on trend is the key to looking your best. Here are the shiny trinkets that will be on everyone’s wish list this season.

 Unusual bag straps

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A bag is more than just something you carry your stuff in – it’s one of the most important fashion statements for any woman. This season, designers have found a way to play with the concept by creating bags with detachable straps. This in itself is not news, but the design of the straps is. They can be jewel-encrusted, embellished with pearls, woven like a guitar strap – you name it. Each one adds character to the bag.


 Feminine shoes

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For a few seasons, the runways and fashion magazines were dominated by kicks and chunky boots. No more! Designers are reclaiming femininity, and what better way to do that than through every woman’s obsession – shoes. Welcome back the ultimate girlie shoe – the Mary Janes. Maybe they are not your thing, but whichever shoes you opt for this season, make sure they stand out. Bold colors, embellished heels, dazzling buckles – whatever you go for, your feet will be in the center of attention.


Prescription glasses

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Girls and grown women alike have been going crazy for prescription glasses. The bigger and nerdier, the better. Some even go for the super-bold choice of prescription aviators. Alas, your eyesight is spotless? Who cares! Half of those cool opticals you see are fake. Of course, when it comes to glasses, it’s always smart to invest in a designer pair. The superior quality, materials and design make them worth the splurge. This season, a pair of gorgeous Prada glasses will definitely help you stand out and build your signature style.


Gigantic earrings

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Your ears might not love this trend, but it sure does look awesome. If you need your statement jewelry this season, but are sick and tired of the ubiquitous choker, go for earrings. And we’re not interested in elegant diamond studs. When it comes to earrings this season, designers say that more is more. Whether it’s oversized hoops zooming back in straight from the 90s, geometric ear plates, or sparkly shoulder-length chandeliers, they are the only jewelry you need right now.


Arts and crafts

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Your accessories could be genuinely handmade, or designer goods posing as crafts. Either way, you will be on trend. The rustic look is dominating accessory design this year, especially when it comes to bags and shoes. If you are a DIY and crafts expert, it’s your time to shine.

Accessories can make or break a look. They can add an almost ethereal whiff of elegance, or fierceness and swagger. Whether they are the star of the outfit, or in the supporting role, you can’t have a memorable look without them. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The right accessories might just take your style to the next level.


Hope you all enjoyed this post! I know I did, because I love accessories and I think you can make the most simple outfit that much better with a good accessory. Talk to you all soon. 🙂






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