Glamming Up for Winter: Five Tips

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When cold weather strikes, we tend to find that we need to brighten up our appearance to deal with the blues. If you are planning on changing your looks over the winter and beating the dark dull days, below you will find some tips for a cold weather makeover that will boost your confidence and improve your moods.

  1.   Give Your Skin an Extra Boost of Nutrients

In the winter, your skin will not get enough Vitamin D, and you need to give it some help. Winter skin care should be different from the one you use in warmer months. Don’t skip your night cream, so you can release important minerals and vitamins in your skin overnight. You might also need to cleanse your skin and exfoliate more, as your pores are less flexible in the winter. Protect your lips and eyes from cold winter winds by applying daily moisturizing foundation.

  1.           Lighten Up Your Hair

You might find that dark hair doesn’t suit your winter wardrobe, and you need more color in your life. You can have a few highlights, or change your hair color completely. Warm, reddish colors will go well with brown shades of clothing. If you need that extra volume, you can try tape in hair extensions whenever you are invited to a party or dinner. Get the curling iron out and start making a statement.

  1.           Get a Tan

If you have fair skin, you will benefit from going to the tanning salon and gaining some color. It will make you look younger, healthier, and help you feel better in your winter skin. Tanning is a great way of warming up in the winter, too. Spending a few minutes in the solarium can be the highlight of your day. You might not want to apply tanning cream in the winter, as it will dry slower, and you might get your clothes stained.

  1.           Permanent Makeup Ideas

Face of woman with flower

“Face of woman with flower” by dilip36 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you want to make a statement, you might decide to go for a permanent cosmetic treatment. Get lashes that last for months, or a permanent eyeliner, so you spend less time in front of the mirror in the morning, and you get an extra few minutes under the duvet. You might get a lip contour, so it is easier to apply your makeup, and you start looking great every morning.

  1.           Bright Colors that are Great for Winter

If you already have your own fashion style for the winter, you might want to add some color to it. It doesn’t matter if you have a gray or black winter coat for the office, if you can use a colorful scarf or bag to spice it up. Brighten up your life and mood by adding vibrant colors to your wardrobe, and everyone else around you will feel better, too.

Winter can be challenging for women; you cannot wear certain dresses, and you want to dress more practical than glamorous. The above tips will help you feel better every time you look in the mirror, and save time on glamming up, so you can have a lie in on cold mornings.






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