Guest Post | The New Power Dressing Rules

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The New Power Dressing Rules

Sophia Smith is beauty and style blogger, an eco-lifestyle lover, graphic designer and a DIY enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, minimalist wardrobe and fashion photography. Sophia writes mostly about beauty- and fashion- related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Whytt Magazine, Viva Glam Magazine, Just Haves, How to Simplify and Carousel.
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Whether we want to admit that or not, one of the first things we notice when we meet a person is what they’re wearing. And since we all want to make a good first impression, it’s natural that we put a lot of thought into what we will wear in certain occasions. This is particularly important in the business world since your look must create an impression of a self-confident person who knows what they want.

With this in mind, we have decided to share some secrets on how to successfully power dress.

Match the outfit to the occasion

Match the outfit to the occasion

The first rule of power dressing is to get to know the audience and adjust your style accordingly. If you consider celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Amal Clooney who seem to be perfectly dressed no matter what the occasion is, you’ll realize they’ve discovered this rule a long time ago. Now it’s time for you to follow in their footsteps.

For example, if you’re a chairperson of a huge meeting, you should definitely go for a more conservative combination which will help you take a powerful stance in front of your audience. One of the possible choices for such an occasion would be a chic dark floral pencil skirt and a simple elegant white shirt. You will look professional but, at the same time, the print of your skirt will reveal hints of your playful personality and imaginative spirit.

Don’t give up on comfort

Don’t give up on comfort

Leggings and trainers are the only comfortable clothes. How many times have you heard this nonsense? Hundreds, thousands? However, don’t let them deceive you. You have to understand that power dressing doesn’t mean wearing uncomfortable clothes. On the contrary, we consider comfort to be of the utmost importance since you cannot expect to leave a strong impression and look confident if you don’t feel comfy and natural in what you’re wearing.

Master a feminine style

Master a feminine style

Looking powerful and professional doesn’t exclude looking feminine. So, we strongly encourage you to master a feminine style as soon as possible. The first step to femininity will be embracing classic feminine dresses and incorporating them into your business wardrobe. Not only do they look amazing and can fit various body shapes, but they are extremely comfortable as well. On top of that, your sophisticated look will leave a strong impression on your audience, no matter who they are. In other words, a classic dress will be equally adequate for a business meeting, as well as a dinner with your friends.

Less is more

Less is more

Less is more is an important rule of power dressing. Minimalistic clothing, like simple elegant suits and jackets can speak volumes about your entrepreneurial spirit and clear goals you have regarding your aspiring career. However, make sure not to follow this advice blindly. Embracing a minimalistic approach doesn’t mean embracing a boring and old-fashioned look. You should always feel free to experiment and add your own touch to the combination.

One of the best ways to do so is certainly by incorporating various interesting details. For example, a nice colorful scarf will make you stand out in a crowd. The same effect could be achieved with an interesting necklace or a pair of stylish high heels. No matter what you opt for, it’s important that you feel comfortable and content with your choices.

Bold colors – why not?

Bold colors – why not

Finally, it’s time for you to give up on wearing grey, black and other dark shades. While we understand that it’s much easier to buy an elegant black jacket that goes well with everything than consider other shades and the ways how to combine them, you have to understand that such choices will just make you look like everybody else. And that’s something you certainly want to avoid.

So, the next time when you go out shopping for a blazer, at least try on some more vivid colors like bright red or emerald green, and see how you feel in them. We guarantee you’ll be surprised how such a small change will make a huge difference.

As you can see, mastering power dressing is not that hard after all. You just need to consider what suits you the best and find your own personal style. No matter what the current trends are, you should never shy away from adding a personal touch to your look.

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