Life Decisions That Will Make You Fret & Sweat

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The day you turn 18 is a huge moment in life. The curtain finally closes on your ‘kidulthood’, as the rest of your life becomes peppered with decisions so huge, they can bring on the shakes and see you struggle to swallow the paving slab of doubt that forms at the back of your throat.

But before you start fretting and sweating, know that help has arrived. Yup, from deciding where you should reside to knowing what to do with your life, we have some helpful advice:

What The Heck To Study

The first major decision to plague your frontal lobe tends to be which college you should apply for ,and, beyond that, what the hell you are going to study there. First things first, ignore the college rankings. They are about as reliable as Trump’s tweets. Instead, think about what you enjoy doing for a job (it will help with the whole “what to major in?” question) and what the salary expectations are for those jobs.

Aarrgh, There Are So Many Jobs

Just because you majored in History, does not mean you have to become a) a Historian or b) a career’s advisor, so don’t limit yourself based on your degree. However, that may not be helpful because choice is quite overwhelming when not limited and, at some point, you’re going to have to decide on a career. Most people with life experience will tell you to choose a career as if money were not a factor. However, most broke writers will tell you to choose based solely on the financial benefits. It’s your call which advice you follow.

Where On Earth To Live

Where you live is probably going to have the largest impact on your happiness, quality of life and misery, so it’s pretty high up there. It used to be an easy decision; if you wanted to make money, you headed to a larger city. However, this has been disrupted by flexible working decisions and the fact a one bedroom apartment is not as attractive as a spacious rural abode.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

You’re gonna have to live somewhere. That’s a fact. And with renting being a posh way of saying, “throwing your money away,” you’ll have to face a life of mortgages at some point or another. Your best help, in this case, is knowing where you want to be, what you want to buy and being guided by a real estate agent. It could be you fancy a recreational property, in which case you need to learn more about Sports Afield Trophy Properties. Trust us on that. If, however, you’re staring at NYC and wondering what to buy, then you need to speak to Corcoran; they know what they’re doing.

When To Call It Quits

That’s right. There will be times when you realise that a decision you made was not the right one. It was at the time, using the information you had. But in the long run, it wasn’t. That’s when calling it quits becomes hugely important. Life is all about change, remember that. It could be calling it quits on a job, a relationship, a friendship group, an investment or any number of other things. It’s a wholly underestimated quality to have.




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