Finding Your Style

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I definitely did. I’m thankful for so much this year, I could go on and on, but one of the things I’m thankful for is fashion. It’s so excited to have such passion for something, I’m thankful I have this kind of passion.



Having a signature style is something that we all want in life. As a unique person, we want to be able to express ourselves through the way we act, look, and the way we dress. It is in our nature, as humans, to try and make ourselves stand out from the rest and let our personality shine through… and fashion is a great way to do this.

Know Your Body Shape

The first step to finding your fashion style is to know your own body and its shape. The best way to make sure that your clothes will always look flattering on you is to make sure that you know what your body type is. There are 4 main body types: hourglass, straight, pear and apple. Each shape has different characteristics and will give you a different style to work with. For example, an hourglass may want clothes which cut in at the waist to make the most of the natural curve, whereas more athletic builds may look for peplum to give them that look of curves. Make sure you use a body shape calculator to find out your shape and then you can use this to help find the clothes which fit your style and show off your natural curves in the best way.

Signature Pieces

Think about the most iconic fashionistas in the world, they will all have one accessory which they take with them no matter what and it defined their style in a unique way. You could choose a stunning piece of jewelry such as from Sons of Vikings, maybe you love a bold red lip and will wear this daily, or perhaps you use your hair as your iconic look. Whatever it is that you choose, it will become part of who you are and it will be what people recognize you for.

Buy Items You’ll Rewear

If you don’t want to waste your money, remember to make sure that when you pick out an item of clothing, you will rewear it. The key to finding your own personal style and flaunting it is being able to choose items which you love and which you will wear for years to come. Test yourself with your clothes by having 2 rails. Leave one empty, and for a whole month, every time you wear an item, place it on that rail. At the end of the month you will be able to see the items which you simply cannot live without.

Pinterest It

If you want to be able to come up with the perfect outfits and really nail your personal style, you’ll need to create a board where you can put all of your outfit ideas and the looks you want to achieve. You can do this by scrolling through pinterest and finding outfits you love, and then saving them into a board for reference later. You can then write down a list of items you want to add to your wardrobe.

Know What You Won’t Wear

Just because everyone is wearing crop tops or band tees doesn’t mean you have to as well. Pay less attention to what is in season for the rest of the world and focus on the style of clothes that make you feel confident, pretty and comfortable. It might be that you love a style which is years old, but it doesn’t matter because the style will suit you and you’ll be able to make the most out of wearing it.

Find Your Colour Palette

One of the most integral things you can do when choosing your style is to find out what colours suit you and what colours you love to wear. If you have red hair and pale skin you may find that colours such as yellow and orange make you look ill, whereas if you have darker skin you may find that light pastels don’t work for you. It’s all about trial and error and deciding what you think suits you the best.

Find Your Inspiration

It may be that you love Kim Kardashian’s style or you prefer more of a Selena Gomez vibe… but rather than looking at the celebrities, why not take a look online and find a blogger or personality who is similar to you and can really inspire you to make the best choices in fashion. Sometimes finding an unexpected icon for your fashion is exactly what you need.

Sort Out Your Wardrobe

Take the time at the weekend to go through your wardrobe, write down everything you own, and take photographs of your items. It may seem like a tedious task, but if you know what you’ve got at all times it means that you can play around with outfit ideas you never thought possible and really let your imagination run wild. There are apps you can get online which will allow you to input your photos and create outfits by testing them together. It can mean that if you are having a particularly uninspired day, you could just find the perfect outfit to make you feel the most confident and stylish you can be.

The Uniform

It sounds like you are back at school again, but that’s not what we mean by the word this time. A uniform is something that many fashion icons will wear in their day-to-day life because it is a style which they love and they want to make the most out of wearing it. If you seem to have one staple outfit that you know you look good in and you feel confident in, then what’s to stop you from wearing it most of the time? Style isn’t defined by the number of outfits you can change into each week; it is about finding that one thing which accentuates your curves and makes you feel confident. If you love to wear a pencil skirt, shirt and heels every day, just do it. It’s your life and your choice. Your style is for you, no one else, so do what feels right for you.





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