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We are back again with a new guest post! This time with some Fall fashion inspiration! Loving the Fall colors in these outfits. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Hello there! My name is Jennifer and I am a blogger based in the South-East of a very beautiful country called Ireland. My blog is called Tales of a Professional Procrastinator (for obvious reasons I am sure) and I blog about all things and everything. I believe this is called a Lifestyle blogger but if I am honest, I haven’t a notion.

I digress.

This post that you are about to cast your eyes on is all about the Season of Autumn and the range of fashion she enraptures. At the end of October, whilst the vibrant orange and red leaves were still scattered on the ground, a good friend of mine (along with being an esteemed colleague and extremely talented photographer) took it upon ourselves to conduct a photoshoot. Despite getting in every Sunday stroller, we managed to get a few shots which have aided me greatly with this post. (Massive thank you to Mark Swinbourne)

I hope you enjoy reading and please feel free to comment or get in touch with your feelings. I’ve jotted down my social media accounts (along with my blog link) in case you want to, oh I don’t know, pop round and say hello? Guess I better get on with this post so… Tootles for now!

The Beauty of Autumn

There is just something about the season of Autumn. She has another level of beauty assigned to her, a level that the other three seasons were not privileged to. Anyone who is interested in fashion always seems to be drawn to this time of year. I’m not sure about you, but it is the three months that I absolutely cannot wait for and for the most part, it is all fashionable related!

Back in May, I participated in a challenge which involved me wearing a different outfit every single day. This didn’t mean I couldn’t wear the same items several times in the same month, it just meant I couldn’t wear them in the exact same order as I had on previous days. I wanted to incorporate an element of this into my Autumn fashion piece. We all lead such busy lives. A normal day for anyone could include a gym class, work, shopping, a school run, carpool, public transport, business lunch/dinner, entertaining clients, dinner with friends, date night, casual drinks etc. The list could go on for miles because overall, we are busy people!

I believe that you’re as confident as how put together you are and feel which requires a decent amount of forethought on our part. However, how do you stay fashionable and dress for several events in one day without being followed around by a Hollywood wardrobe crew? I’m glad you asked! Keeping with the colours that I would associate with September through to November, I have constructed four very simple outfits that accommodate multiple calendar events. Each outfit has a staple item: in this case it is a long-sleeved black ribbed bodysuit from BooHoo that I wore for each one. I find staple items important as it means you are only changing one or two things before changing location/ situation instead of an entire wardrobe change which can prove difficult in confined spaces. For example, a pub toilet or your car!


For my first look, I wanted something I would be comfortable wearing to work, out for date night or a girl’s event like a book club. A business casual outfit if you will. You will be looking to Forever21 if you are looking to pick up the skirt pictured and if you’re as in love with the hat as I am, you’ll be on your way to Peacocks. Anyone who knows me will tell you that the second September comes around, I get out everything I own in the colour wine/ or burgundy. I simply adore this colour and I am of the firm opinion that it belongs in every single persons Autumn wardrobe. I have no accessories on in the picture below, but you could very easily add a long necklace and matching watch to finish this off nicely. (Staring off into the distance is optional)!


Keeping with the business casual theme, I changed the wine skirt for Khaki trousers (another Forever21 buy) and voila, brand new outfit! This is another colour that goes with just about anything whilst looking flawlessly dressy. In the picture, I have dressed the outfit down with a grey hoodie and black leather jacket, making it appropriate for any day date or walk in the forest that you may end up coming across. Ditch the jacket, add some heels and you’re ready to take on the board room. Simples!


Overall, I believe this must be my favourite outfit of the collection. The sort of outfit you couple with your pumpkin spiced latte. Sporting a Burberry scarf, Forever21 suede skirt and a Penny’s hat, (I had to have something from Penny’s. I am Irish after all!) this is just the perfect outfit for a picnic in the park, a weekend stroll or any number of different date nights. The length of the skirt isn’t so short that you couldn’t make it work for your day job and at the same time, I would feel comfortable walking into a bar in the same attire. Perhaps minus the bobble hat for the bar though… Keeping with the brown colour scheme, I added a cute pair of brown ankle boots the finish off the look. Forever21 finest and pictured in the fourth outfit!


Lastly, there is nothing wrong with a pair of Authentic Blue Joni Jeans from TopShop and considering I spent a copious amount of time wearing them, I figured it would be but a sin not to include them in one of my outfit options. Very few people, that I know, go through their lives without wearing jeans. They are the perfect option on a casual Friday, for a school run, a travelling outfit or just a coffee with the girls before a spot of shopping. The only difference between outfit three and outfit four is the jeans. A quick switch between one and the other as you can pull jeans under a skirt or button the skirt over and around the jeans! I imagine at this point you’re nodding along because, let’s face it, we’ve all been the victim of a quick change in the back of a car concerned that we are scarring the rest of the public for life. I got you!

So, there you have it! Four Autumn inspired outfits using everyday items in our wardrobe and proving we can move seamlessly throughout our scheduled day feeling confident about how we feel. As my best friend always reminds me: The most important part of an outfit is how you feel in it. She’s one hundred percent right. What’s the point in leaving the house in something we find uncomfortable in or just don’t feel good in? Very little if you ask me! Bust out the browns, wines and the khaki greens and give Autumn one last go. It comes around once a year, so you’ll always get to recycle your ideas!

Keep dreaming!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Interested in doing a guest post for my blog? It’s a great way for exposure to over 35k people from all over the world. For the time being, I’m offering this service for FREE (usually a $30 fee). E-mail me for my information at !

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