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Happy Monday! We’re moving on to the next guest post, which is an exciting one! This post makes me want to go travel somewhere I’ve never been. Enjoy this post by .

A little about our guest:

I’m Steph, a 25 year old travel representative from Teesside, UK. I spend a lot of my time traveling for work which I write about on my blog Wanderlust Pulse. When I do have free time, I love theatre and baking.

Paphos is an absolutely stunning district on the South West coast of Cyprus. One day is not enough time to see all off Paphos but it is a great way to make a dent into this stunning Cypriot district and this is how we spent ours… 



A day always starts with breakfast! Cyprus isn’t famous for it’s breakfast or brunch but you will can find some amazing options. We popped to Omikron which is a cute little brunch café populated by locals in the Old Town. They have every option you would want to find on a brunch menu and we went for the Cypriot breakfasts with red velvet pancakes. Every part of this meal was delicious even when the pancakes got a bit sickly towards the end of the meal! This was all washed down with their fresh blueberry lemonades. Tasty!


Whilst we were in the Old Town, we popped down the local market which runs every morning except Sunday. Whilst it wasn’t the best or the biggest market ever encountered, we had a lovely little stroll around the stalls checking out local produce. You can pick up some lovely Cypriot delicacies during your browse!


Still full from breakfast, we decided to leave lunch and take in some culture. Since the city of Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are a lot of archaeological sites in the area. Tomb of the Kings is the one which most took my fancy so we spent the early afternoon there. We knew that it consisted of big underground caves and ruins but what I pictured in my head was something completely different to what we found. Unlike the name suggests, no Kings were actually buried there but the tombs are very big and grand, hence the name. It’s so interesting to see ancient ruins and marvel at how on Earth they built things so incredible without today’s technology, tools and equipment.

My favourite tomb was huge with grand pillars at the entrance. The ruins were really beautiful, especially with the sunlight piercing in between the pillars.

The site is beautiful, the tombs sit right on the edge of the coast with glorious views of the sea and the quaintest flowers pop up from the Earth. When we went, it was a beautiful day with not many people around and we enjoyed strolling round whilst popping in and out of tombs. It is a little bit creepy when you think about it but interesting to think that people were buried here.

After our cultural afternoon, it was time for some relaxation so we drove up to Coral Bay. Coral Bay has one of the best beaches in Paphos because a lot of the beaches you will find are either quite small and rocky or the beaches in main resort are directly linked to a hotel. Coral Bay sits in a little cove so the water is very calm and the perfect place for a stop of snorkelling… you will find a lot of boats make their swim stops in this area.


A few hours of vitamin D and vitamin sea later, we decided to do a bit of exploring around Coral Bay. We drove to find the sea caves which were 10 minutes North. The sea caves are part of the rugged Paphos coastline and are naturally in the side of the cliffs. The corrosive action of the sea has eaten into the rocks to form the caves. Entrance to the caves is from the sea and having dried off, we decided just to admire from afar. On the drive back, we noticed a huge ship close to the coast so pulled over to check it out. We found Edro III which is an abandoned shipwreck. We didn’t really know much about it at the time but have since discovered that Edro III met some bad weather on a journey to Rhodes and ended up being swept towards the coast before getting stuck on the rocks. The ship has remained there ever since stuck on the rocks at a 12 degree angle. You can get a really good view of the ship as you can get relatively close to it. It was an interesting find and super cool.


Finally, hunger was kicking back in so we headed back into the Old Town for some dinner. Muse is a restaurant I had heard a lot about and couldn’t give it a miss. The restaurant sits on a hill and offers amazing panoramic views over Paphos. We arrived to catch the end of the sunset and the scene was breathtaking. Service was a little slow but we were after a chilled evening so this was perfectly fine for us. We indulged on Muse’s gorgeous cocktail selection, all named after Greek God’s, Goddesses and Muses. The four cheese chicken main was to die for and with halloumi sticks also as a starter, this restaurant can do no wrong. Then after a few more cocktails, we decided to call it a night…

There is so much to see and do in Paphos that there is absolutely no way that you can cover the district in one day. The region has an incredible selection of activities and fantastic scenery, such a beautiful location.

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Thank you to Steph for a fun post! Have any of you been to Cyprus? Looks relaxing but adventurous at the same time. Hope you enjoyed her post!

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