Tips to Grow Your Instagram- Get Thousands of Followers!

Obviously I’m no expert with Instagram…I just really started trying to grow it about 2 months ago. However, I have learned a LOT as I’ve been growing my Instagram. Here are a few important tips I’ve learned that have helped me.

A lot of people will make jokes about people trying to get more followers or trying to ‘impress’ people on social media. When it’s your job, that’s absolutely what you should do. As an influencer, it’s important to grow your social media, because honestly, that’s how you get paid.

  1. Aesthetic is a thing. I do not take my pictures based on my Instagram aesthetic ( I give kudos to those who can be that focused), but I do use the same filter on each photo so my feed blends together better. I usually change it up per season because each season to me is a different mood/vibe.
  2. Loop giveaways. Yes this costs a little money, but it not only gives you a chance to give back to your followers, but allows you to reach a whole new audience. It’s not buying followers because if they didn’t want to continue to follow you after the giveaway, they wouldn’t. This just helps get your page in front of more eyes.
  3. Relevant hashtags. It’s important that your hashtags are meaningful to your post. You don’t want to post #fashion if you’re posting about your dog. Figure out what the top hashtags are in your field, and save them in your Notes app. Then you can copy and paste when posting a new photo!
  4. Make friends! It’s nice to make Instagram friends who share the same passion as you. And hey, if you live in the same state, try to meet up for a collab shoot! Not everyone understands the whole ‘blogging’ thing. Meeting other’s who understand is a nice refresher.
  5. Comment Pods? I wanted to get your thought on this one. Comment pods are a Instagram group  with a bunch of ‘like’ Instagrammers who comment on each other’s pictures. I’m in one myself, but it definitely is a lot of work to keep up with everyone’s photos everyday. The nice thing that my group did, is we decided we don’t have to leave comments because we want the comments to be genuine. We just want to support each other.
  6. Follow Friday. After making your friend group, help support each other by doing a Follow Friday! This helps grow your audience by reaching 4 new audiences! And helps support your friends too.
  7. Instagram is NOT a competition. Focus on who you are and what you want your brand to be about. You do not need to compare yourself to anyone or be like anyone. The great thing about the blogging world and Instagram world is that people follow you because of you. Not because of anyone else. Stick to who you are and you will get genuine followers!
  8. Don’t do the follow/unfollow. I get so many bloggers that follow me and then unfollow me right away to help their numbers. That is killing me! It’s making me not follow anyone back because I don’t know what’s a real ‘follow’ anymore. It’s not the right way to get followers, and can only get people to resent your page. Again, it’s not a competition or rush.
  9. Be consistent. This is something I’m currently working on. Posting consistently is not only important to your followers, but also to brands that are looking to work with you. They look for consistency in your positing.
  10. Take photos ahead of time. I will take a ton of pictures on one day and post throughout the month. I work full-time and do not have time to do glamorous photo-shoots everyday! I know a lot of other bloggers do this as well to save time.
  11. Name and bio are super important. Your username should be related to your brand. Try to keep it consistent throughout all of your social media channels. However, your Name should have some sort of description of what you’re about.  This will help for search results. Keep is short and simple, but obvious.

    Ex. My username is @jennaleeannllc . My name is Jenna LeeAnn| Blogger .

    Also, focus on your bio. Try to ‘offer’ something in your bio. So mine says   “Everyday Outfits, Easy Recipes, Beauty Must Haves, and so much more”. This shows what I’m offering to the people who click my link.   You can also use Linktree in your bio which helps you to include multiple links. Putting where you’re located helps you connect with local bloggers, which can lead to collabs! (See pics below for an example of my username, name, and bio).


Best Instagram apps-

UNUM- Help set up your feed so you can make sure each photo blends well.

Afterlight + VSCO- My favorite editing apps.

Followers- How I see who follows/unfollows me.

Boomerang- Great to add in some fun posts here and there!

Facetune- Used mostly for the whitening tool.


Loop Giveaway Accounts-




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4 thoughts on “Tips to Grow Your Instagram- Get Thousands of Followers!

  1. Need to start doing number 10! I really struggle with Instagram, and the follow / unfollow thing, I just hate it. I’ve found Facebook and Twitter far easier to grow. Facebook goes up 200, Instagram 20 agh! Great post though thanks.

    1. Aww I know the struggle. Especially with the new algorithm. It’s a tough social media to grow! Definitely tougher than Facebook and Twitter! Hope this works for you 💕

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