Relationship Advice | 1 Year Anniversary

WOW time flies… It has already been 1 year together with my boyfriend, Chris! Feels like just yesterday we were on our first date, which might I add, lasted almost 10 hours. Drinking beer, laughing at YouTube videos, and getting to know each other…that all brought us to this day.

I have learned a ton this past year from Chris (not only because he’s a teacher), but when you have a good relationship, you find out how to learn from each other. Here’s some of my advice from what I’ve learned this past year; but first, *insert memory collage*.


Some of this I’ve learned in my relationship, and some I’ve learned from past relationships. Here’s my relationship advice:

  1. Trust the other unless they give you a reason not to. A lot of problems I see, and problems I’ve had in the past is trusting the other person. If your time is consumed by wondering what the other person is doing or who they’re talking to, how can you have time to be happy? Trust, and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Surprises are a good thing. My boyfriend and I love surprising each other. Something about a big smile across both of our faces makes us the happiest. Whether it’s my boyfriend hanging string lights in our backyard because he knows they’re my favorite; or me flying to Myrtle Beach to celebrate his birthday while he’s with his family. That spark keeps the excitement going no matter how long you are together.
  3. Compromise is key. My boyfriend and I both were alone for a good amount of time, so we have our own way of doing things. Being able to compromise is important, because it’s not fair for one person to fully have to change. That will create resentment down the line.
  4. Be with each other. Don’t think now that you are dating you can stop the effort. We all run busy lives, especially when I was working retail on top of his work schedule, time was limited. However, making time is important and when you do make the time, don’t spend it on the phone or whatever. Spend it with the other person. I truly believe in the saying, if someone wants to spend time with you, they will. Having no time is an excuse.
  5. Listen. My boyfriend is REALLY good at listening (although we both have a crappy memory so that only gets us so far haha…), but he used to keep a list in his phone of things I love so when he had time he would come up with a fun surprise. Listen to each other, because that’s going to play a big part in making the other person happy!
  6. Support each other no matter what. You are a team, and you need to support each other on dreams, goals, aspirations. Having that back up support can really get you far. It can help you believe you can do it when you’re having second thoughts (at least that’s how I felt).

Again, all of these are things I have seen in other relationships, or learned in my own. Every relationship is different so it might not pertain to you, but this is just my own opinion!

I want to truly thank Chris for being my sidekick. He has been there for me through thick and thin. Between by ups and downs, quitting my day job that I was not happy at, and my dog barking at 4am. We learned that if it won’t matter 5 years from now, we shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it. We make such a great team, love. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to grow up, and really wanting the best for me in every way. YOU ARE THE BEST! Happy 1 year anniversary to us! Many many more to come. I love you! :*

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