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I’m starting a Guest post series on the blog every Monday and I’m SO excited! Such a great way to bring diversity to I chose posts that I think will relate to you all, so it won’t be a bunch of random things that I wouldn’t like to read!

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I’m excited to start off this series with Natalie from !

“I’m Natalie a 30 something writer and Marketing Manager based in Yorkshire in the UK. I have a gorgeous little boy, Harrison and most of our time is spent on adventures. And when I do have time I love interior design and all things creative. “

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Now let’s get into the post!

Vintage and Hollywood Glamour 1

Creating a bathroom sanctuary that reflects your personality


Moving in to a brand new home has had so many perks. No major renovation work or DIY repair jobs, have been a welcome breath of fresh air. Two years ago when I moved in my last home we’d committed to 4 months building and renovation work, and working from home, meant this was quite a challenging time. Not to mention being pregnant too. I must have been crazy.


This time I’ve got a blank canvas. But a house full of white walls can also be quite daunting, and knowing where to start first, can be a huge challenge.


I started quite sensibly with security, and windows. A new home means every single window needs curtains or a blind and a means to hold them up. So dressing every window is a feet in its self.


This month I’ve been concentrating on bathrooms and I didn’t want a one size fits all approach. I really wanted each space to have its own personality and colour scheme. Putting painting off just for now, my aim was to create a home that reflects my personality and gives me a sanctuary from the pressures of modern life.


I’ve aimed to give each room a different identity with three very different accessory styles.


  1. Rose gold and vibrant green tones
  2. Vintage and Hollywood glamour
  3. Floral and sparkle


I live in a three-bed semi-detached house, so just have three bathrooms to play with, no mansion life for this gal just yet.


Rose gold and vibrant green tones


Upstairs the family bathroom uses a warm and inviting rose-gold base color for accessories against vibrant green tones in the blind, towels, plants and toiletries. I think this is the best contrast color scheme in the house and would love to add even more foliage with hanging plants over the bath. Giving this room almost a tropical jungle vibe. House guests will mostly use this room so I wanted it to be inviting and calming.


Rose Gold and vibrant green tones 2


Vintage and Hollywood glamour


In the en-suite in the mater bedroom, a vintage theme inspired by Hollywood glamour shines through. With a beveled mirror and vintage accessories this bathroom is clean-cut, polished and inspires beauty from a different era. Touches like a toilet butler give this room a very special finish. Subtle yellow splashes of color also brighten this space and provide warmth against the cold white of the porcelain. This is my personal space so want a room that’s functional but beautiful and makes me glad to be home.


Vintage and Hollywood Glamour 2


Floral and sparkle


Down stairs I have a small bathroom, and this room has a floral and sparkle theme. Here, I’ve been able to unleash my girly side and have a mixture of glitter, mirror against chrome for ultimate shine, and blue floral finishes inspired by an elegant Laura Ashley design. The blue works extremely well against yellow, so have embraced this. Most visitors may only venture in this bathroom so I wanted an extra pizzazz for this room.


Floral and Sparkle themed bathroom


Decorating and choosing accessories can be so much fun, and these rooms have been inspired by UK brands; Laura Ashley, Dunelm and Next at Home.



Okay guys that’s it! I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed. My boyfriend and I actually just demo-ed our downstairs bathroom and this has totally inspired me to glam it up for guests! How about you?

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