Meet My Dachshund- Oscar

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Hello everyone,

I’m excited to bring you another lifestyle post today. This one is important to me because it’s involving the love of my life (sorry Chris).

Today, I wanted to bring Oscar onto the blog. I’ve definitely mentioned him before, because he is so special to me! To any other dog parents out there, you know the feeling of coming home everyday to a bunch of kisses, and waking up to kisses, and eating with kisses too. Let’s just say, there’s no better unconditional love than my dog.

I’ve had Oscar for 6 years now. 6 YEARS! Time flies. Oscar and I are definitely a package deal with anyone who comes into our life.

Oscar is a mini long-haired dachshund with a lot of love to give. He loves chasing tennis balls, licking feet (gross), and of course eating treats.


I used to have to go to the Walmart so often to replenish his treats. Pup-Peroni is definitely his favorite. Now that they make 38oz bags, it saves me so much time from having to make an extra trip! FYI, Pup-Peroni is available at Walmart in the pet aisle, or it can be found online: CLICK HERE.


Oscar loves all of the flavors, but you can never go wrong with the original beef flavor.

Some of the things I like about Pup-Peroni is:

  • Real meat like beef, steak, bacon, etc. is the #1 ingredient
  • Real meaty goodness
  • Mouth-watering beef
  • Mouth-watering steak
  • Made with real Angus steak




I love to give Oscar a treat after a trip to the park. He’s awesome because he doesn’t even need a leash. He always stays right by my feet (unless he’s going to fetch the tennis ball, of course). Woof yeah!



Praising your dog is the best thing you can do, and what better way to do it than giving them a Pup-Peroni! Right when we get home from the park he runs over to the walk in pantry, because he knows!

Anyone who knows me, usually knows Oscar too. He’s my desktop background at work, he’s the wallpaper on my phone, and he’s my cuddle buddy at all points of the day. Unless he’s cuddling my boyfriend, because I swear he loves my boyfriend just as much as he loves me.

Oscar is so special to me because he has really gotten me through some rough times. I had a long two years where everything kept going wrong. I had a few loved ones pass away, including my Dad which, of course, hit me the hardest. I can’t tell you what Oscar did for my depression after that. To be honest, without Oscar, I don’t even know where I’d be today. I know it might sound silly to some of you, but to those of you who know the feeling, you know how important it is to have that.


Oscar also has a ton of cousins! My brother has a Rottweiler/Lab mix, my other brother has two German Shepherds, and my sister has a Lab and a Chihuahua/Terrier mix! Pup-Peroni is in all of our homes so we can train our dogs to be respectful and listen well. I wish you could see how cute they all are when they are together. Oscar loves to pretend he’s a big dog, even though we all know he’s the size of the other dogs’ legs.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. Who else loves dogs? And who else has a dachshund? They are definitely an awesome breed.

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Talk to you soon!




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  1. My new puppy LOVES Pup-Peroni…he wants to go outside every 10 minutes just cuz he thinks he’s going to het a treat every time!! LOL

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