2016 Recap


Finally moved back to Connecticut from Nashville. Definitely missing Nashville a lot, but there’s no better feeling than home. Drove all the way to CT and got to see so many good views and cool landmarks!


Spent this month working a lot, but on my days off I enjoyed snowboarding, walking by the river, and having fun with my friends!


This month was eventful… I attended a fashion show hosted by my good friend Ricky Da’Vista. SO FUN! Then I got to celebrate Easter with mimosas, St. Patty’s Day with my best friend, and I met Lauren Conrad (DREAM COME TRUE!).


April was very boring and full of selfies… but hey, nothing wrong with that.. right!?


This month is when I spent most of my days at my mom’s new beach house. I also did my first collaboration with Banana Republic, and celebrated the baptism for my best friend’s little girl! She’s the cutest.


June was fun because I got to go to Florida with my sister, which was a MUCH needed vacation. And of course, some more girls nights throughout the Summer.


FOURTH OF JULY! So fun… Had a great time at my sister’s for a party. Oh yeah,and I chopped my hair and balayaged it. Then work got SUPER busy and I was MIA until mid-August.


Photoshoots, weddings, and beach days… What better way to wrap up my Summer!?


I went to New York for an awesome photoshoot, worked with Banana Republic on another campaign, and spent a fun night with my friend in Brooklyn at her brothers’ show! This month I was able to focus a lot on my blog, which I’m hoping to get back to soon.


October was full of adventure, surprises, and of course; Oscar. Oh yeah, and I started dating this handsome fella 😉 I’m a lucky gal…


BIRTHDAY MONTH! Got to celebrate that a little bit, and worked a ton… What else is new.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Got to enjoy a wonderful holiday with my family and boyfriend. Also got to watch my first hockey game. So much fun, though I almost fell asleep. A little bit of advice for everyone; DO NOT work retail management during the holiday. This girl needs a vacation.. Speaking of which, my best friend Carlie and I bought tickets to go to London and Paris! YAY.


I’m so excited for a brand new year. Another chance to improve, learn, and grow. Happy to bring in the new year with a great boyfriend, the best family, and awesome friends. What are your resolutions? I’ll be posting mine soon, as soon as I can think of them! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a safe holiday!




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  1. Probably a late comment since it is February! But I’ve just found your blog and I LOVE the way you have set out your recap, it’s so easy to read and such a lovely way of recapping your year.
    Your photography is beautiful- I definitely have to practice!

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