SOTD | Over The Knee Boots

Happy Wednesday!

Today I wanted to make a post about the best shoe purchase I have made in quite some time. Over the knee boots are one of the top shoe trends right now. Everyone knows the Stuart Weitzman’s are super popular but also super expensive. I was doing some shopping (and by some I mean a ton), and I came across these at Charlotte Russe. Yes, the quality is of course affected when you spend only $20 on boots… But, so far so good! And they are very comfortable.

In person, they don’t look cheap, and they fit really well. What do you think!?

otk2otk3otk4I absolutely love the color contrasted against black.

Here’s the link to these boots: CLICK HERE

However, if you do want quality, text my work number (I work at Nordstrom), and I can text you pictures of great ones that we carry, and all you have to do is text “buy” and it will ship right to you…FREE SHIPPING (first, set up an account on I would love to be your personal shopper for anything you might need for the holidays or just in general! It will not show me your personal number or any information, that is all kept on 615-645-2105

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