2016 Recap

2016 Recap


Finally moved back to Connecticut from Nashville. Definitely missing Nashville a lot, but there’s no better feeling than home. Drove all the way to CT and got to see so many good views and cool landmarks!


Spent this month working a lot, but on my days off I enjoyed snowboarding, walking by the river, and having fun with my friends!


This month was eventful… I attended a fashion show hosted by my good friend Ricky Da’Vista. SO FUN! Then I got to celebrate Easter with mimosas, St. Patty’s Day with my best friend, and I met Lauren Conrad (DREAM COME TRUE!).


April was very boring and full of selfies… but hey, nothing wrong with that.. right!?


This month is when I spent most of my days at my mom’s new beach house. I also did my first collaboration with Banana Republic, and celebrated the baptism for my best friend’s little girl! She’s the cutest.


June was fun because I got to go to Florida with my sister, which was a MUCH needed vacation. And of course, some more girls nights throughout the Summer.


FOURTH OF JULY! So fun… Had a great time at my sister’s for a party. Oh yeah,and I chopped my hair and balayaged it. Then work got SUPER busy and I was MIA until mid-August.


Photoshoots, weddings, and beach days… What better way to wrap up my Summer!?


I went to New York for an awesome photoshoot, worked with Banana Republic on another campaign, and spent a fun night with my friend in Brooklyn at her brothers’ show! This month I was able to focus a lot on my blog, which I’m hoping to get back to soon.


October was full of adventure, surprises, and of course; Oscar. Oh yeah, and I started dating this handsome fella πŸ˜‰ I’m a lucky gal…


BIRTHDAY MONTH! Got to celebrate that a little bit, and worked a ton… What else is new.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Got to enjoy a wonderful holiday with my family and boyfriend. Also got to watch my first hockey game. So much fun, though I almost fell asleep. A little bit of advice for everyone; DO NOT work retail management during the holiday. This girl needs a vacation.. Speaking of which, my best friend Carlie and I bought tickets to go to London and Paris! YAY.


I’m so excited for a brand new year. Another chance to improve, learn, and grow. Happy to bring in the new year with a great boyfriend, the best family, and awesome friends. What are your resolutions? I’ll be posting mine soon, as soon as I can think of them! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a safe holiday!




SOTD | Over The Knee Boots

SOTD | Over The Knee Boots

Happy Wednesday!

Today I wanted to make a post about the best shoe purchase I have made in quite some time. Over the knee boots are one of the top shoe trends right now. Everyone knows the Stuart Weitzman’s are super popular but also super expensive. I was doing some shopping (and by some I mean a ton), and I came across these at Charlotte Russe. Yes, the quality is of course affected when you spend only $20 on boots… But, so far so good! And they are very comfortable.

In person, they don’t look cheap, and they fit really well. What do you think!?

otk2otk3otk4I absolutely love the color contrasted against black.

Here’s the link to these boots:Β CLICK HERE

However, if you do want quality, text my work number (I work at Nordstrom), and I can text you pictures of great ones that we carry, and all you have to do is text “buy” and it will ship right to you…FREE SHIPPING (first, set up an account on nordstrom.com). I would love to be your personal shopper for anything you might need for the holidays or just in general! It will not show me your personal number or any information, that is all kept on nordstrom.com. 615-645-2105

Until next Wednesday!