How To: Style Sexy Tights



I’m writing today about how to style tights. But not nylons, or regular skin colored tights…but sexy tights you can wear out and show off!

These tights are from and I think they’re perfect for a night out! I paired them with my favorite little black dress and a pair of black patent pumps.

Dress: Forever 21
Time for Tights is a new start-up company that contacted be about their tights. Yes, these tights were sent to me, but all opinions are my own! The second I put the picture of me wearing them up on my social media, I had people asking where they were from.
This is the picture from my social media I’m talking about.
Wearing tights like these is something that no one really does; in my small state at least. I think it’s a sexy trend to start, and perfect for a girls night out!
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