How To: Be A ‘Successful’ Blogger


This post has been highly requested/much needed. I get so many questions via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. about how to start a blog and become successful. I’m here to share some of the tips I’ve learned and either stuck by, or are just beginning to do myself. This post is perfect for someone trying to start a blog, or simply trying to gain more traffic to their site!


1. Be Consistent- This is a tip that I struggle with most, but know it’s key to a successful blog. I have had a lot going on this past year which has made it hard for me to be on a schedule. Making a schedule and posting often is the best way to show your readers that you are serious and passionate about your blog…which brings me to my next tip.

2. Be Sincere & Passionate- Don’t start a blog just to try to make money or become ‘internet famous’ because it doesn’t work that way. People are drawn to sincerity and can truly tell if there is passion in your work, which is a lot more attractive to them.

3. Be Organized- It’s okay if you want to blog about different things, for example fashion, beauty and lifestyle. If you do so, make sure to be organized about it so people can come and find what they’re looking for. Having an archive list on the sidebar can help too.

4. Connect With Google Adsense- This is where you will be making the majority of your money. By getting approved from Google to have an Adsense account, you can add ads onto your page, which will collect revenue when people click on them.

5. Have Quality Pictures- It’s okay to start off with a cheap camera or even to use an iPhone. Eventually you may want to invest in a DSLR (mine is the Canon Rebel t5i). It will be more attractive to your viewers, and will look more professional.

6. Have Your Own Domain- I used to have but who the heck will remember that and want to type that in every time!? It is so inexpensive to buy a domain for a year, so I bought It really makes a big difference and is only like 10-15$ (I think around there on GoDaddy).

7. Take Advantage Of Social Media- This is free advertising. Take advantage! Build your following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin, etc. This is the best way to get your name out there and share your new posts! Tip: Try to have the same name for all platforms, so people can search for you easily. Oh, and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PINTEREST! Pin the heck out of your posts!! It really drives a lot of traffic to your site.

8. Show Appreciation- Do giveaways, comment back to people, tell them how much you appreciate their support. It is genuinely nice and people will respect that you are taking the time to show you care!

9. Be Yourself- Don’t change your image for any company or person. Be yourself and be true to who you are. Give honest reviews, and you will gain so much more respect and trust from your readers. A great website to help you connect with brands and make money is IZEA. (You can use my referral link to get started: ) This website is a great way to make money giving honest reviews, and negotiate pricing with the brands.
I hope this helped to those of you who are starting a blog or trying to grow your own! I know it’s hard to be on top of things all of the time (trust me, I’m a student and work full time besides blogging so I know), but try to stay passionate and create content that you’re proud of!

Be sure to send me your blog on Twitter or in the comments below, and feel free to share your tips in the comments too for readers to see!


DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying I’m a successful blogger or anything close, this is just what I’ve learned from my own experiences and from doing research.


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