Home Decor | Fall Porch

Hey everyone!

Today was the perfect Fall day, which of course leads to inspiration for decorating my porch!


Here’s a quick before shot:

Boring and Plain!!!! Had to spice it up (and thank you to my brother for doing this with me and having the great ideas!).

Decorating for Fall is awesome because I love the colors! This flower pot is BEAUTIFUL!

Also, it wouldn’t be Fall without some hay!

Pumpkins are the essential Fall decor item to get.

And here’s the after shot with it all put together!

We did this whole project under just $50! Most of these items we got at a local farm, but I’m sure craft stores would have all of these! Get creative and move things around, don’t be afraid to experiment! Make sure not to crowd the porch too much, and make it look welcoming! Once it’s gets closer to Halloween, we plan on carving the pumpkins, and painting “Welcome” on one of them!

Let me know your Fall decor ideas, and send me pictures on Twitter @JennaLeeAnnLLC !

P.s. Just hit another milestone of 9k followers, so thank you so much to everyone who’s following me and reading my blog!! I hope you enjoy it!

Share this post if you’re excited for Fall time, and stay tuned for my next post. ๐Ÿ™‚



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