5 Things Women Should NOT Wear


A few posts ago I wrote about 5 Things Men Should NOT Wear . This post was a hit! Now here’s some tips for you ladies to help keep you on track when shopping.

1. Leggings are NOT pants. Okay ladies, leggings are not yoga pants or sweatpants. You should only be wearing leggings under skirts, shorts or if your shirt covers your butt. I get it, they’re comfortable, I KNOW! But please stop wearing them incorrectly.
2. Kitten Heels. Lauren Conrad said it perfectly in this video Fashion F*** Ups . Only Suri Cruise should be wearing these. They are pointless, and quite frankly, look awful. Kitten heels are the toddlers of heels, so please, leave it to the glamorous toddlers out there.

3. UGGs with Shorts. I’m not really sure where anyone found this look to be “okay”. Please please PLEASE, put the UGGs away after winter. Wearing UGGs while it’s warm, and with shorts, makes you look confused, and un-stylish.

4. Mis-Dressing your body. I could probably write a whole separate blog post on this topic. No matter what size you are, you’re beautiful. You don’t need to wear a clothing item a size too small to show it. Wondering why you always have a muffin top? It’s because you need to buy a size bigger. Just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits. No one sees the size on the tag, they see how it looks on you. This goes for women every size; petite, plus, etc.

“Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.”-Edith Head

5. Brown and Black/Mixing Animal Prints. I’m putting these together because they are both personal style choices. Brown and black do not go together, so don’t even try. Of course there are exceptions, such as animal print(brown and black print). You cannot wear a black shirt and a brown jacket, it just doesn’t look good! Also, animal prints are not made to mix together. Please don’t wear a zebra cami with a leopard shirt. It hurts my eyes!!!
Those are my top 5 things women should not wear. Hopefully this can be of use when you’re going on your next shopping trip!! What are your fashion no-no’s for women? Leave them in the comments below or tweet them to me @JennaLeeAnnLLC!
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