5 Things Men Should NOT Wear


A lot of guys ask me for opinions on outfits, or what to buy at the mall. I see a lot of horrific outfits and I think I can speak for most women, men with style are very attractive! I’ve come up with a list of things that men should NOT wear. Keep this post in your pocket for when you’re out shopping! 😉

1. Light Washed Jeans. This has to be number one, for sure. Light washed jeans are only acceptable if you’re working either outdoors or maybe in the kitchen of a restaurant. Other than that, please please please do not wear them. Dark washed jeans are SO much more attractive.

2. Socks With Sandals. I’m not really sure who ever made this okay. Wonder if girls walked around with socks and sandals and shorts…how would you feel? This honestly needs to stop, for your own good. Ew.

3. Ed Hardy, Affliction, or Anything Along Those Lines. Believe me when I say I had my phase of liking the “bad boys” who wore these brands. I was also in high school. It’s time to grow up guys, don’t go out to the club in an Affliction shirt that is a size too small to make your muscles look bigger. It’s not attractive, and it should have been left back in your younger days.

Those are my top three, and I wanted to give some of my readers a chance to express their fashion no-no’s. DISCLAIMER: I only picked the ones I agree with! Some of these I even had in mind as well.

4. Jorts. For those of you who don’t know what jorts are, they are jean shorts. @Chew_Wrigley brought up a great topic. Leave the jean shorts to the ladies, lets face it, we look better in them. 😉

5. Baggy Pants. This goes along with many styles that were brought up. Jeans are just such a big topic, there are so many wrongs. No ripped jeans, no distressed jeans, no baggy jeans!!! We don’t want to see your butt hanging out of your pants…You also shouldn’t wear pants so tight that we think you stole them from your sister. The right jeans are dark washed or medium washed, clean(no rips or distresses), and properly fit. This one was from @Ester_Salgado23 !

With these 5 things, you should be able to understand what to stay away from. I hope this helps you guys with your shopping trips! And if you’re looking for the right store to shop at, try Express. You can never go wrong with Express.

If anyone has anything to add to the list, please leave them in the comment section! Or if you have any objections to the items listed above, I would love to hear your opinions. Tweet me your fashion no-no’s for men at @JennaLeeAnnLLC !



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