3 Things You Can Wear All Year Round

Hey everyone!

I wanted to write about a topic that has come up a lot since it’s gotten warmer out around here. Many people think certain clothing items, accessories, or fabrics are only wearable in certain seasons. Well, for these following items, they are WRONG! If you don’t believe me, go look in a magazine, or watch the runway.


  1. Scarfs- This is my number one because I just recently explained this to someone. Scarfs come in so many different fabrics, FOR A REASON! No, I’m not going to walk around in summer wearing a knit scarf when it’s 80 degrees out. However, there are lightweight scarfs that are made for the warm weather, if you know how to style it. When I wear a scarf in the Spring/Summer, I usually wear a really lightweight, bright color infinity scarf over a tank top. 
  2. Leather- When I say this, people are like “What!? Leather is like, soooo hotttttt”. Well duh, so is the sun beating down on you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be outside. Leather leggings are perfect for spring and even the beginning and end of Summer! I probably wouldn’t wear them when it’s 80 degrees or over, because that’s when shorts come into play. Leather is not seasonal. It’s perfectly stylish to wear a dress with a moto jacket over it.
  3. Velour- “You can’t wear that! It’s Velour!” Crazy talk. I wear my black velour sweatshirt ALL of the time. It’s perfect to throw on at night when it gets chilly out, or to wear when I know I’ll be inside a colder building all day. Velour is not only for Winter, and that’s something everybody should know.

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