2016 New Year Resolutions


Can you believe it’s already almost 2016!? I have to say… this year flew by really fast. I love writing out my New Year Resolutions each year and then looking back at what I’ve done to achieve them. If you haven’t seen my 2015 Resolutions, click HERE .
Here are some resolutions I’m hoping to achieve in 2016:
Save Money- The tricky part is doing this while I’m trying to get out of debt…
Start Posting On My Blog Twice A Week- I have come to the realization that my blog is what I love and it makes me really happy. I’m excited to start this venture next year and really stick with it!
Travel More- I’m looking forward to more exploring. After living in Nashville, I got a little taste of what’s out there. It’s so exciting to think about how much there is to see in the world! I want to start a travel page on my blog too. I’m hoping to diversify my blog!
What are your resolutions?? I’m looking to add some to the list. I really want to accomplish a lot in 2016 that I didn’t get to in my past. This year is the year (doesn’t everyone have to say that!?).
Until next year…


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