2015 Recap


These are my favorite types of posts to see! 2015 was an eventful year. I lived in another city for almost half the year, I started my career at Nordstrom, and I did a lot of exploring! Let’s take a look…




Created a YouTube video


Cuddled with Oscar while recovering from surgery


Enjoyed VIP at Shrine in the casino
Sketched the nights away


Explored San Diego, CA


Celebrated St. Patricks Day in CA


Explored LA… LOVED Manhattan Beach


Decided to do a little photo-shoot after getting my tonsils out!


Created my second YouTube video!


Graduated College!


Received my first Movado watch that I wear everyday (THANKS MOM)


Started my career at Nordstrom as an intern


Got to work in different states for a couple days


Got promoted as Assistant Manager of the Studio Department in Nashville, TN
Moved 1,000 miles away from home for work


Explored TN with the family


Car got totaled by an 18 wheeler on my move down(and he took off too…hit and run, jerk!) Anyway, had to get a new car,  here she is!
Randomly decided to chop my hair off and color it
New City, New Hair


Hosted my first fashion show at Nordstrom for the brand Lafayette! So fun!
Ate Chilis To-Go with my best friend Carlie outside of the Parthenon at midnight…because why not?!




Turned 23..and enjoyed live music and pumpkin beer


My sister Nikki came to visit, and got me the best ornament ever!


Took a selfie


Enjoyed the Nordstrom Holiday Party with my team!


And with Josh!


Came home for vacation, took a party bus to the casino for my sisters 30th birthday!


Got offered a position at Nordstrom that I’ve wanted from a start! But it’s back in CT…so another 1,000 mile move
Left Nashville and ventured back home… 15 hour drives are no fun alone!
Now I’m back in CT, and ready for a new year. Check out my New Year Resolutions post for 2016! Overall 2015 was a good year. Pretty rocky and not much going on besides work, but that’s what happens right after college! Can’t complain!
What were the highlights of your 2015? Curious to know!
Talk to you all in 2016! Have a Happy New Year and be safe!



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