2014 Recap

Hey everyone!

Hope your Christmas was amazing yesterday, and I hope you all had a great 2014! I’m not going to lie, this past year and a half was probably the worst for me, but thanks to great friends and families, I still made some wonderful memories!



80’s night at Foxwoods Casino with my brother Jim
Packed for my new apartment



Moved in with my best friend Carlie for a semester


Celebrated my best friend Meg’s birthday


New Haven St. Patricks Day Parade With Katie and Carlie
Went to Las Vegas with my Mom and sister Nikki (and even won $700!)


Bartended my life away because the money I made in Vegas wasn’t enough


Got nominated for Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List


Went to my first Yankees Game! (Thanks Rob and Zach!)


Celebrated Mother’s Day with this amazing woman


Sexy Tights photo-shoot was a hit


Kicked off the summer with great friends
And of course went to the beach



Roadtrip to Atlantic City


Purchased my first set of studio lighting



Got my first Kate Spade purse (Thanks Nikki!)


Spent a lot of my time by the river with my pup



Played some kickball (and kicked butt 😉 )


Enjoyed my first pumpkin beer of the season


Went to a bunch of country fairs!


Enjoyed my cousin Michelle’s wedding with my family!


Started putting blonde in my hair


Found the most amazing dress at TJ Maxx


Painted my face with makeup to be Catwoman for Halloween



Enjoyed my 22nd birthday and dyed my hair even blonder
Experienced another close death this year. While still missing my Dad, I now lost my ex boyfriend, Chris who deserves a mention especially because it was his idea for me to even start Jenna LeeAnn
Hungout with great friends
Enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family (Dad is with us in spirit)



Played in the first snowfall with Oscar
Celebrated my best friend Carlie’s birthday
Put up my white Christmas tree


Started focusing on what I love even more

I’m excited to see what 2015 has in store for me, I know it will be a great year. I look forward to graduating college (finally), moving out of state, and starting fashion videos on YouTube! What are your New Year Resolutions? I need to start thinking of mine!! Have a great New Years and be safe!


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