2014 3 Trends To Keep For Fall

Hey everyone!

Fall is coming! I just bought a bunch of pumpkin scented Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works. I am rushing Fall and I don’t even care! I figured I’d start the Fall blogging by talking about the 3 trends that you should keep in your closet for this season.


  1. Trapezoid Bags

    This is an example of a trapezoid bag. I recently got this Kate Spade tote for school, and I love how big it is! I love the winged look of these bags. I’m also loving Michael Kors’ Selma collection. These bags are here to stay throughout Fall and even Winter as well!

  2. Statement Necklaces


    These are mostly in style for Spring and Fall, but you can really get
    away with these at any time. Fall is a great time to make a statement
    with a monochromatic outfit or just a really bold color piece of

  3. Crop Tops

    You can pair these with skater skirts, moto jackets, or even just a pair of skinnies with tall boots! Crop Tops are staying in the closet for the upcoming season, and will continue to be seen on the runway.  And I’m loving it!

    I hope you’re all as excited for Fall as I am! I just did a LOT of shopping, so I’m going to be doing a shoot next week with many new Fall outfits! 🙂 Stay tuned!



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